Monday, 20 February 2012

Please welcome Nielouphar Abdurahiman

This is really awkward - me introducing myself. So I'am going to keep this very short. :D

I'am Nielouphar Abdurahiman (you can call me Neelu). I've been living in Dubai since May, 2001. I'am a stay-at-home mom to two kiddos - Talha Ahmed, almost 4 years old; and Aisha Khulood, a year old. 

I started scrapbooking in 2011. Although, I must say that I've always loved scribbling next to my travel photos and collecting memorabilia wherever I went. I didn't know it was called 'scrapbooking' back then. Silly me! 

I would say my scrapbooking style is 'clean and simple'. Although, lately, I've been playing a lot with watercolours, ink, mists and acrylics. What I love the most about scrapbooking is that I can play around with a lot of tools and I don't feel 'constrained' with this hobby. 

Here are a few of my favourite projects that I would like to show off today. 

I also love to crochet - it's ironic that I'am saying it now as there was a time when I used to hate anything to do with wool and needle. ha! In the layout above, I used crocheted hearts as embellishments. I also crocheted the headband my daughter Aisha is wearing. ;) 

Few not-so-fun facts about me: -
  • I'am a hardcore foodie. You will never be disappointed if you invite me for lunch / dinner.  
  • I'am a sucker for comedy sitcoms. I've watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S like a zillion times and I still laugh at their jokes like it's the first time I'am hearing them. My family think I'am nuts. 
  • I love making lists and checking things off.  
  • I laugh hard and cry even harder. 
  • I've been procrastinating about running a 10k for too long. (I did run a 3k though. Will that count?)
  • I shy away from discussing Islam or India as they are too close to my heart. 

I think that's enough about me for today. :D Do check out my blog and gallery for more of my projects. I hope you will like what you see. 


I hope all of you will join Irene, Donna, Shruti and me in this new adventure of ours. I hope that Pretty Paper Studio will help you cherish and preserve your memories. I hope and pray that Pretty Paper Studio will become a community where all of us can share and help each other in every way possible. Ameen!

Happy crafting


  1. its so good to know a liitle bit more about you Neelu...and your LO's look so beautiful i really liked your crochet work..its so lovely..especially your daughter's headband:):)and best of luck for your new venture and hope its a roaring success insahallah:)

  2. Hey Neelu!!

    hehe.. I am a sucker for sitcoms too! Maybe we could watch some together when we meet in Dubai.. hehe..

    Look forward to having fun creatives times together at PPS!

  3. lovely works Neelu:)wish you all the best:)


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