Thursday, 15 March 2012

Scrapbooking for Beginners: Let's make a page together?

Before I begin today's post, I would like to thank you all for your encouraging comments and questions. Everyday I'am learning something new from you and this series has got me really excited. :)

And guess what? Today I'am sharing a video tutorial with you. I had to divide it into two parts because of it's length. Since it's my first video tutorial, I'am kind of all over the place... Please don't be picky about the video, I promise I will get better. ^_^

Let's make a page Together, Part I

Let's make a page Together, Part II

Here's a closer look at my layout. 

Homework for today: Create a page and submit your URL here in the comment box by March 17, 2012. I know it's not enough time, but we have to move ahead right? :)

Tomorrow I will be sharing few notes on Journaling. Insha Allah. 


  1. That was a really informative post!!! Though the videos were long they were worth it!!! On my way to make a layout!!

    1. Thank you Kavya. :) Do make sure you finish your homework first. ;)

    2. Our academic year got over this Sunday, therefore we have a fortnight of holidays before we go to 9th no homework!!!!

    3. oh ya, completely forgot about that :)

    4. Here are my layouts!! Would love some really good suggestions as it is my first...=)

      PS- Please remove word verification, its easier to comment!!

  2. A superb tutorial for beginners.. :) Sat through the entire video.. liked how you've explained everything in detail.. Been planning to make a video tutorial as well.. but never could manage the guts to! :P lol

    Anyhoo! Way to go Neelu! For a beginner at video tutorials.. this is just FAB! :)

    - Shruti

    P.S. Thax for activating whatever you did in the comments settings!! I can now comment using my blog link!! :D

  3. awesome vid tut, neelu! i agree with shruti, this is fab for a beginner at vid tut! :)

  4. Great video tutorial for beginners Neelu, agree too with Donna and Shruti.
    you did well!

  5. well done video,yet i have started scrapbooking by sketch on ICR.this wiil be my 2 project.......collecting supplies ,waiting for sis in law to give her daughters photo to me.will start second hopefully.thanks for such a nice video


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