Monday, 12 March 2012

Scrapbooking for beginners: What to scrapbook about?

I ended yesterday's post by asking the question: if you would start scrapbooking, what photo would you choose. The reason I asked you that question was to give something for you to think about and if lucky, make you choose one. ;) 

I still remembered how terrified I was trying to decide what photo to use. I had plenty. No thousands. Talha (my son) was three years old then and Aisha (my daughter) was couple of months. I flipped through my albums over and over trying to decide. Should I start with photos of Talha as a baby? But then he is 3 now and how will I ever scrapbook three years' of photos??!! 

The reason why I was thinking that way was because I had the impression that scrapbooking had to be done chronologically. I mean most of the resources online talked about scrapbooking your photos in a timely order and organizing them under specific years. Though this method may work for many, it doesn't for me. 

I told myself that trying to finish photos of Talha from his three years of life was too huge a task and it was only stopping me from doing what I wanted to do. So I chose a photo of Talha and Aisha together and this layout came about. I still remember how happy I felt for giving it a try and just doing it.

If you look at the order of my scrapbook pages, you would see that it's in no specific order. I pick a photo that I like or has some story behind it and I go ahead with it. Sometimes there may be no story at all. I just want to play with all the pretty stuff I have. :)

Coming back to the topic (hehe), when you start to scrapbook you are bound to feel terrified about where to start. What photo to choose. I would suggest to just go ahead and pick one.  Often we delay starting something new worrying that it won't be perfect or we won't be able to do it full justice. But unless we try, how are we supposed to know? Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. As long as it's made by you, it is going to be as unique as you. And that's all that matters....

Question for today: Have you chosen a photo yet? 


Oh and one more thing. @Priya - for answering my question yesterday, you have won yourself this cute little pack of rubber charms from October Afternoon Sidewalks' Collection. Please send us your postal address to 


  1. The posts are a definite boost to scrapbooking. It gets better, when someone guides along and the creative juices start to flow.

    Will post a pic of my very 1st Scrapbook page soon after my exams, InshaAllah.

    & Congratulations Ms. Priya :)

    1. I'am glad that I can help you in some way. Looking forward to see your first page. :)

  2. Gosh, you won't believe it, I'd been planning to mail you about this for so long now. I was dying to start scrapbooking since you started up, but since we are still like gypsies, I didn't want to make an actual scrapbook .... it becomes additional luggage when we return & I would probably have to leave it back.

    Then while I was browsing one of your member's blogs I came across the term 'digital scrapbooking' and it hit me: I can do this in Photoshop! That decided, I started thinking about what my theme would be. Like you, I have thousands of photos :), and I didn't know where to start.

    Then one day it clicked! Krissy is quite the chatterbox and sometimes she says stuff that's either hilarious or just absolutely adorable or both :D I had been wanting to record her sayings for quite some time but didn't know how best to do it. Scrapbooking is the perfect answer!

    So I've started writing down her words & sentences(as many as I can remember), and I'm making pages, or images in my case, for each one. I'll probably compile them into a powerpoint presentation so I can animate each page turning ... sort of like an e-scrapbook :) I've finished two so far, will mail them to you. Meanwhile, keep up the excellent work here!!!

    1. Salom, I'am so glad that you have started to scrapbook. I've also been meaning to write to you after seeing your comments on my album on Facebook. ;)

      It's so weird that you are making a book on Krissy's sayings. Coz I've been meaning to make one for Talha. He has started to say a lot of new new things since he started to go to school. Maybe I will make a digital album too...

      And I just remembered, I used to use smilebox from Hallmark to make ealbums on Talha, my sisters... Let me check whether I still have them and will post on Facebook. I'am sure you will find something on smilebox to suit your taste. :)

      Having said that, I hope you will give a try on traditional scrapbooking, once you are settled ofcourse. :D

  3. Great post once again... and thank you so much for the prize..! I will mail my address right away!
    You are slowly unfolding the whole scrap booking world for me... I never thought about chronological order..
    I will keep an eye on your post... your posts are truely educational for me..

  4. Hi

    This is my first attempt towards writiing a comment on Scrapbooking leave alone doing it...

    I am a total novice in the field of art n craft but...I LOVE CRAFTING...but never knew how 2 go about it...

    After googling 4 a tutorial on crystal flowers I landed up @ Dr. Sonia's post where she has explained it so beautifully:)and found her 2 be a member of Indian Craft Room n now I 2oo am proud to be a part of it...

    After going through ur above
    post i too found myself in your shoes...I 2oo wanted 2 do scrapbooking but never knew how to go about it...but as u said you decided to give it a try ur unique way...I 2oo felt encouraged by ur below words..

    "As long as it's made by you, it is going to be as unique as you. And that's all that matters...."

    So now i wanna give a try ...:)
    and now coming back 2 answer ur todays question...

    "Have you chosen a photo yet? "
    and my ans is

    "yes its my Pussy cat Chikku's photo"

    I have chosen his photo and i have soooo many since we brought he is our darling :))

    1. :) I'am happy that you are giving it a try and the fact that you have chosen a photo makes me even more happy :))


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