Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Scrapbooking for beginners: What to scrapbook about? Part II

I'am continuing with yesterday's topic of 'What to scrapbook about?', as few points came to my mind after publishing yesterday's post. 

If you are finding it difficult to figure out what photo to choose or which story to tell, remember to have a look at 'your story'. Scrapbooking doesn't have to be about someone else all the time. It can be about 'YOU'. Actually, it SHOULD be a bit about 'YOU'. 

With all the responsibilities that we have as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, colleague, friend we hardly have time for ourselves. Isn't it? We would like to read a book or go for a walk or maybe pamper ourselves with a mani/pedi. But then we are so short on time that these simple things in life look like 'luxuries'. Most evenings I'am so tired that I just want to hit the sack and get some sleep. And then there is guilt - what will my children think of me if I make a page about myself, I could use those pretty papers to make a page on my daughter rather than on me... so on and so forth. 

Remember - your children would love to know about YOU when you grow up more than they want to know about themselves. I love hearing my mother's stories about her childhood. I love it when my aunts and uncles sit and reminisce about their good old days. I love going through my mother's stamp collection over and over. Why? Because it gives me a glimpse into my her life. There are twenty good years about here that I don't know much about. Wouldn't that be a great story to hear?

And remember - there is nothing to feel guilty about. You are doing so much for your family and friends that you very well deserve a page on you. And I'am pretty sure that they will be more than happy to see you giving yourself equal importance. :)

For today's example, here is a layout (scrapbook page) that I made about 'my' dream home.

Homework for today: List five things about you that others may not know. 


Today's winner is Kunda. You have won yourself a pack of Rubber Charms from October Afternoon Sidewalks' Collection. Please send us your postal address to info@prettypaperstudiouae.com.

Please note that I will be mailing all the prizes together after finishing this series. It will save me a lot of trips to the Post Office. I hope that's ok. :))


  1. Hi...
    Gr8 to find a scrapbooking club here in Dubai!!
    I am planning to start scrapbooking these holidays so I am sure your tuts are helping me a lot.....

    I think its better if I start now so that I could cover up everything before I grow u as I am 13 right now....

    5 things about me....

    1) My frnds think I am a nerd as I get score a lot but I am not!! I just listen in class and mark the important points and go through it a lot of times....

    2) I am really addicted to paper crafts!! This disease of mine actually got out of hand during my final exams this year...We had a 2 hours paper and I finished the paper quite early so I got bored ad turned my question paper into some modular origami!! The invigialtor came after some time and warned me not to play with my answer sheets and she also offered me some extra question papers!!

    3) I have not used really pricey materials to craft so far...I find alternatives....I use Derwent Pastel colours instead of Distress inks, I found a stamp pad at a local shop which is similar to a Colourbox inkpad etc...

    4) I Game a lot!! I dont think any of my frnds know that at all!!

    5) My dream is to become a member of a Designer Team one day....and craft to my Heart's content!!

    I dont have any hidden likes or qualities soo far but maybe once I grow up and graduate, I might have some that many people may not know!!

    Thank You!!

    1. I'am delighted that a fellow crafter in Dubai has joined us. yaaay!!! Kudos to you for starting at a young age. I'am sure your dream to be in a Design Team will come true one day. :)

  2. i have to say that though i have been crafting for some time now i have never really made or thought of making an Lo the reason being i just don'y know how to go about it...but i have been reading your tips on making a Lo and some of the points you say make me want to give it a try atleast once!! i enjoyed you reading about your trip in paris and the special moment that you captured there and todays post is also very interesting and your Lo looks just lovely:)

    1. Thank you for you sweet comment Hussena. Your cards are gorgeous and show how talented you are. I really don't think making a layout would be difficult for you. :)) Do give it a try.

  3. hi .so you are doing great job ..kudos . i am planning to make scrap book for two girls in my family.where were i????? i am very late ......but its f9 that i am here.there is nothing hidden in my life,but there are quite things ------(1)I am adicticted to craft.i hide this (i don't know why)
    (2)I do crafting till late night and my kids does'nt know .they ask mumma when you did this ,i say when you r in school(i hide working in night to save them from this habit)
    (3)My friends does'nt know i write poems too.
    (4)I started purchasing stuffs online now a days from my pocket money ...ssshhhhhhh...my hubby does'nt know............going to tell him somehow
    (5)I get irritated when somebody ask me to do any house hold work when i craft(but i do their work and hide my irritation ...god plz let them know this fact ,so that they do not disturb me.)
    LASTLY i want to dive deep n deep in crafting nothing eles.

    1. hehe.. you are hilarious megha :)) I love your point #4 coz I do the same thing heee :D

  4. Wow Neelu! Wonderful and interesting series of tutorials on Scrapbooking for Beginners...Thumbs up!

  5. Hello dear!....am amazed off the talents you have inside. Great Job!! everything was simply good and appreciative. I believe everyone who loves crafting will finds useful and be inspired as well.
    Getting bored at home recently i started my blog..don't mistake its about the same. Its just the cookery which you are also crazy about.http://shenuskitchen.blogspot.com
    You know something am much inspired about your work. Eager to see things closer at home and try!!

    1. Thank you Shenu. Next time when you are home, I will show you my work. :)


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