Sunday, 11 March 2012

Scrapbooking for Beginners: Why Scrapbook?

Since I started scrapbooking last year, a lot of my friends and family have asked me what 'scrapbooking' is all about. Honestly, it's not something I can answer in one go. I feel scrapbooking has a lot of layers that will be better understood if I explain in steps. So today I would like to take the first step and answer the question 'why scrapbook'. 

To answer this question, let me give you an example. Let's say you went for a holiday to Paris. What would be the thing that you would do most when in Paris? Take photos, isn't it? Photos of Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, pastry shops... After having a good solid vacation in Paris, you return to your homeland. And what do you do with those photos? Either you print them and store them in albums / shoe boxes. Or, more common these days, they would simply remain on your pc /SD card. 

Fast forward to few months or years. You happen to see those photos again while organizing. You realize that there are a number of photos that you just can't remember about. You have no clue why a particular photo was taken. You can see yourself smiling into the camera, but you have no idea where you were standing. Sounds familiar? 

This is where scrapbooking comes into. If you scrapbook these photos, you are not only preserving your memories from the trip, you are also preserving a part of you that your future generations could look through and enjoy. Not just enjoy, but also learn a thing or two about you. 

Now I'am not saying you should sit and scrapbook the thousands of photos from your trip to Paris. You could scrapbook just the few that you feel is important to you. For example, the layout below is about my favourite day in Paris. It was the day it snowed. It wasn't the kind of snow that covers up a city or anything. But it was 'snow' nevertheless. And for someone from Kerala where it never snows,  it was a big deal! Even if it just lasted for few seconds. :( 

We also tend to think that scrapbooking is only for 'moms'. I agree that I started scrapbooking after having my second child. I also agree that majoirty of scrapbookers out there are mothers. But I do not agree that scrapbooking is only for mothers. Nope. It can be done by anyone and everyone. No matter what age, gender or stage in life. In fact, our Design Team members Shruti, Irene and Donna are not mothers (yet) and they still scrapbook. Yup! Isn't that something to think about?


I think this is enough for today. I do not want to bore you with long posts and never ending details. I would love to give you some homework though. ;) Let's say, this post inspired you to scrapbook. What would be the photo you would choose? And why? You can answer this question by simply leaving a comment here. 

I will be continuing this series in the coming days and I promise I have some fun things lined up for you. :)



  1. Very good post..2-3 months ago I firmly believed that I will never scrapbook.. as its not my cup of tea.. but slowly looking at the various scapbook, I think I should give it a try...
    And if I make one... the very 1st one will be on my recent trip to Bandipur with my frds... we had an amazing time there.. and whenever we sit together, we don't miss a chance to recall one of those moments... now I think of the time when we will not be together and working at different places.. who will be there to share a laugh? The answer was a scarpbook...
    but I wonder how we can store a layout? Can you please provide an insight into it?

  2. Hi Priya
    Initially I thought scrapbooking isn't my cup of tea either. But now I'am thankful (to myself) for giving it a try. I would love to see you give it a try too.
    Regarding storage - I will cover that in one of the upcoming posts. I promise :)

  3. Great post, Neelu! :) Really perfect for beginners and esp. those who don't have any idea about scrapbooking ;)

    Love your layout!

  4. A very good post Neelu! Thanks so much for sharing..

  5. Your post just inspired me to make one TODAY! :)

    Very well written, Neelu!


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