Sunday, 8 April 2012

Handmade Circle Punch Flower Tutorial.

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Hello there crafters!

This is Shruti here! Hope you guys had a good weekend. Well, I sure did! :)

Anyhoo, what we have for you today is a quick and simple handmade flower using your PPS April cardmaking kit!

Tools required: Pattern paper, buttons, circle punch and glue.

Step 1:

Punch out 8 small sized circles.

Step 2:

Fold these circles into half.

Step 3:

Fold the tips of the circle like demonstrated in the picture below.

Step 4:

Again, place the circle upside down and fold it like so.. to form a cone sorta shape.

Step 5:

Repeat the step for all the other 7 circle cut outs..

Step 6:

Now stick these cones on a bigger circle like demonstrated.

Step 7:

This is how the flower should look once you stick all the eight cones.

Step 8:

Stick a button in the centre and voila! there you have a perfect handmade flower!! :) Use it as an embellishment on a card or your scrapbook page.

Do try it out!! I had super fun making it and I bet you shall too..

Promise to be back with another tutorial soon..



  1. That's a stunning flower!! I really wanted to know more about the card during the sneak peak of the kits!! Will surely try it out.....tx

  2. I noticed this flower on your cards while hopping.. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.. its a fun way to use PPs..

  3. Wow..great way to use PPs..Thanks Shruti for the tutorial!!

  4. Your card is just lovely and so are the flowers....thank you so much for sharing this tutorial....its a fab way to use bits of PP's


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