Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Favor Pocket Tutorials

Hi crafty ladies and to non-crafty ladies alike! Irene here again and I hope everyone is having a fabulous time. To those who have cropping in mind but have not started it, now's a good time to start and spark that creativity of yours. Time to have lots of fun. There are lots of pretty stuff at the shop. Do check it out here.

I'm here today to share with you how I made the Favor Pockets using Pretty Paper Studio's May Scrapbooking kit 'Over The Rainbow'.

Tools required: Pattern papers, kit's paper bag, scissors or paper trimmer, shaper scissors or border punch, glue, inks

It is so easy and simple to make. Here are the steps:
  •   Trim 6” square pattern paper or cardstock. I recycled and use the big brown paper bag that comes with the kit; a great way to help our environment. I made four but twelve favor pockets can be made from the big paper bag. 
  •   Trim both sides of the square with paper shaper scissors or use border punch. I used pinking scissors. 
  •   Glue three sides of the square to create a pocket. Keep the trimmed sides at the top of the pocket.
  •   Cut pattern paper strips and glue in the middle; my paper strips were ¾ inches x 8 inches.

See how easy and simple it is! Now it's ready for any treats to your friends, guest or love ones. Here are few ideas:

I enjoyed creating these favor pockets. Now, it's time to treat yourself with Pretty Paper Studio Kits.

Have lots of fun and enjoy the day!


  1. very creative ... thanks 4 sharing:)

  2. nice thanks for sharing ,but what is creeping


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