Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Photography 101: A workshop for beginners

Participant Pre-Requisites:

1. DSLR / Point & Shoot Camera (fully charged)
2. Tripod (it’s better if you bring one along)
3. Lenses (if you have any extras)
4. Laptop (to process images taken at the workshop)
5. Trusty notebook

Workshop Phase 1 - Overview (Time: 1hour 30: minutes):

1. Camera Basics: How to get off the Automatic Mode & do more serious photography. (The importance of Lenses, ISO, Shutter Speeds, Proper Exposure, Aperture settings, flash settings, RAW shooting etc... )

2. How to take really sharp photos - because if your pictures aren't sharp, the rest doesn't really matter.

3. Composition & Lighting

4. Basic Photography Workflow (getting your shots from the camera, to your laptop for processing & beyond)

5. Tips & Tricks - cheats that the pro's use!!

Workshop Phase 2 - Hands-On (30 minutes)

- Participants are now engaged in a project requiring them to shoot, process & then showcase what they've learnt.
- The project could be: 
·  an indoors, still life shoot OR
· an outdoors shoot ( aka a "PhotoWalk" where we walk out and shoot outdoors, impromptu - slightly more challenging)

Workshop Phase 3- Participant Q&A Session (30 minutes)

Overall time:  ~ 3 hours 

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