Saturday, 1 September 2012

Meet our new Team Mates!

We are over the moon excited to introduce two new ladies to our Design Team. Please welcome Jolene Brown (aka Jo) and Riri Mahadi to PPS family. They are not just extremely talented but also shares the same passion for papercrafts like we do. We can't wait to share what they have created for us. But for today, let's get to know them better. 

Here are seven random facts that Jo shared with us...

1.  I have been scrapbooking for 10 years.
2.  I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, 10 and 7 years old and a wife to a wonderful man.
3.  I grew up in South Africa and moved to Dubai in 2007.
4.  I am a total scrapaholic and love spending time in my little craft room.
5.  I am a total stationery freak and would have no problem being locked in a stationery store or craft store for a night :D.
6.  I am an eclectic scrapper and don't have a style as such and live by the motto "messy hands are happy hands".  I currently scrap style is minimalist.
7.  I am outside of my comfort zone when scrapping double page layouts or having multiple photographs.

Oh my?! Scrapbooking for 10 years? We definitely have a lot to learn from you Jo. :)

Do visit her Blog and leave some love. You can also find her on Pinterest

Here's what Riri would like to share with us...

Hi crafty fellow, My name is Riri Mahadi and I am so so very thrilled to be chosen as one of PPS Design Team!!!! So lovely to be part of such talented team especially the so sweet Neelu. 

My real name in the real world (ha!) is Nadirah Febriyanti ..... but my beloved mum love this little nickname she gave me, Riri. and Mahadi is my husband name .... 

Below is not-so-secret seven random facts about me. 

1. I am a woman (of course, silly!!!), a mother of 4 boys, a wife, an architect .... and quite 10kilos overweight (bit more actually, but don't tell my mum). An eater and a dreamer

2. I love baking , but hate cooking. If you come to my house you probably find me painting the wall while my husband cooks in the kitchen. ;). I am so lucky to have husband that loves cooking so much, he thinks cooking is a stress reliever (can you believe that?). 

3. After taking a year rest I recently joined the workforce again as an architect. If you are wondering how I can manage all of these the answer will be simply no. I am not managing those at all. I just cant. There will never be enough time for full time job, four kids with totally different personalities, husband, families, friends, house, scrapbooking, painting and sewing. Never. There will never be enough time. 

4. And due to all the things that I love above, I have to be an inperfectionis (is there such word?) person. i am willing to accept that a cake divided by fourteen will not be as satisfying as cake which only divided by four. I simply love all of these, and trying hard to cope as much as I can. I am not the best mother in the world, I am not a stepford wives, not award winning architect, not a divine scrapbooker or all, and I accept it. 

5. I started scrapbooking in 2010, and had twice becoming a DT. One with a Dubai based personal scrapbooking blog. And another one was with a Dubai based scrapbooking shop. 

6. I still think that when the designers of October Afternoon start designing their Sidewalks line they must be having my soul inside. haha. 

7. I collect. map patterned paper. timber patterned paper. and words patterned paper. I adore Ali Edwards and her way of telling stories

And based of the 'short' story above you might have guess that I am such a chatter. heehehehe. I am such a share all and tell all person. 

So thats it. I hope I can inspire you with my works and can't wait to start working with PPS girls!!!! Bubye!!!!

You are so fun Riri! We are happy to have you with us too!!

Find out more about Riri on her Blog, Pinterest and Twitter too. 

Tomorrow, you, our beloved readers and fans, will get to see more of their projects and also our latest theme of the month with new challenge. Get yourself ready for some super crafting (hint: stamping) fun!



  1. Hey so nice to meet the new Designers of PPS........ so looking forward to checking out their was lovely to get a small sneak of them and their personalities :) Riri was especially fun to get to know.. she seems such an open person and so honest ...loved her stlye of writing :)

  2. its very nice to see new designers in PPS..... going to jump to
    their blog to see their works...


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