Sunday, 23 September 2012

Tutorial Monday : Handmade Watercolor Embellishment

Hi PPS folks ......

Riri is here with my very first ever tutorial .... (It is really first time, ok!), so be gentle with me guys ... :P :P

Perhaps all of you have seen this pretty embellishment for Amy Tan Sketchbook line, right ? It looks like this

I also like this one below which is available at the shop. I got at as part of the beautiful Ramadhan journal kit.

So its all started when I make the Ramadhan journal, I want lots and lots of embellishment but don't want to make it out of place with the Amy Tan embellishment that I already have for the minibook.

and that's when I have ideas of making my own embellishment, which more or less in line of Amy Tan embelli, as you can see in my Ramadhan Journal.

First of all, you need the below equipments, watercolor and crayon which are available at almost any supermarket, embossed powder and staz on available at Pretty Paper Shop. Basically you need ink that cannot be diluted by water as we are going to use watercolor later.

And you also need Versamark ink, and any suitable stamp, I forgot what brand of stamp that I used below. :)

Basically I am using three method of making images for the embellishment:
  1. Stamp using versamark and embossed it using embossing powder and hot gun, as you can see in the mason jar image below, also there are two white embossed flower image but you could not see it as they are in white color
  2. Second, using crayon, again, I used crayon because it is not water soluble (well, there are water soluble crayon out there in the market, but those certainly not in the category of 'normal' crayon. :) ) You can draw anything you like, no need to be perfect ..... you know that perfection is overrated right? ... hehehe
  3. Third using permanent stamp ink. I used Staz On for the 'Ramadhan Kareem' and 'Eid Mubarak' below.

The above are the images that I have stamped, embossed or hand draw with crayon. I used white cardstock as the base paper as cardstock will absorb watercolor nicely. You can basically used any paper as long it is not the glossy type. The best is white cardstock as it is thick enough to give the 3D effect.

After that, start painting your heart away!!!

You can use any color, any mix, basically anyway. I was having really good time watercoloring this. Take note that my number two son, the one that consider himself as the artist in the family was complaining nonstop in the background as I was coloring outside the lines!!!! Also using unusuall color for the flower!!! ... hehehehe it is just WRONG!!!! he said... hahahahahaha

So below is the finish product, Picasso won't be proud of me, but I am proud of myself of these ..... :P

And come the hardest part, cutting the images .... hehehehe

So here they are ..... your own embellishment ...!!!!! I love the embossed one the most!!! ... it looks so beautiful!

Then start using those, play time!!!!!  Kinda messy card down here ... hehehehe ... could not be compared with the amazing card by Donna ... but a happy girl right here ..... happy trying !!!!!!

Supplies Used
Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Bits Die-Cut Shapes
Eid Mubarak Stamp Set
Staz On Jet Black
Veramark Clear Ink Pad
Zing White Embossing Powder
Hero Arts Daffodil Layering Paper
Pebbles Hip Hip Hooray 12x12" Patterned Paper (Cardstock)


  1. These embellishments are amazing ! I have tried them with pencil colors but they did not turn out this beautiful ....i liked the flower most .

  2. love all these colorful DIY embellies, riri! esp the flowers! messy is fun, right? :)

  3. This so so so coool ..... i really liked it .. especially flowers they r gorgeous .. gonna try them for sure thanks for sharing the tute


  4. WOW absolutely a gorgeous riot of colors!!

  5. thank you all of you ladies. pooja, donna, isha and dr sonia !! you guys hace certainly made my day!! :))))


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