Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tutorial - Printing Large Photos for Project Life Using A Regular Printer

Hi peeps,

Tutorial day today. :)

I've often being asked on how I print the big photos for my project life. Like the below :)

What kind of printer that I have ? Did I send it to the print shop ?

The answer is no. I only have normal printer. And I am too lazy to send it to the shop. If I want to update my project life album I want to finish it there and then. So the only option is to use my normal old printer. You can even use the tiny printer like Selphy that can only print 4x6inch photo.

I use my Photoshop Element (that I got for free when I bought my now very old VAIO laptop few years back). You can definitely used higher Photoshop, the CS series an all, you can use CorelDraw. Illustrator etc etc. But I'll explain you on how to do it in Photoshop Element, the step is more or less the same with others.

First, open the photo in Photoshop Element, do the photo editing first. I've done mine at the below photo

The next step is to crop the photo. Most of you may already familiar with the design of PL (Project Life) page protector. Right ? See the below Design A of PL

The overall size is 12x12 inches. The big pocket inside is 4x6 inches (the normal size photo), and the small pocket is 4x3 (exactly half of normal size photo).

Plan on how you want to place the photo. At my sample of project life above, I plan to put it in the the first two rows of protector. The total size will be then 8x12 inches. So what I do is I crop my photo using 8x12 aspect ratio. Its like the below

Then I will crop my photo using the rectangular marquee. Keep in mind that you will have to divide the photo later like the protector design. So as much as possible, put all the faces in the will be uncut area. You dont want to cut  face into half later right ? Well, I did this lots of time, my kids complained a lot when they saw their face being cut, but who cares. Hehehehe ... so after I choose the area, then I will crop it.

So I will have this

Ok, take a breath, we are halfway there. :)

Next step, resize the photo. Since I want to have the final photo size 8x12 inches, so I resize it to 8x12 inches. Like below

Then this is the result,

Notice the ruler above the photo? You have to turn it on like this

Also, turn on the grid. Then adjust the selection to snap at the grid.

Ok. Then we only have to do the final step.

Select the photo by using the rectangular marquee to 4x6 size. Follow the ruler and grid, it will be precise size since we have set it to snap to the grid. (in the below photo I have turn off the grid to have you see better)

Then you just have to copy the selection

Paste it as a new file

Then save it. Do the same with the three other part. At the end you will have for 4nos of 4x6in images like below

Thats it. You only have to print these normal size photo in the normal even small printer. Use whatever software that you normally use. Make sure that you use borderless format at 4x6in paper.

See the final result below. I have actually cut my youngest boy face into two. Hahahaha, trying as much to avoid it, but still!!! .... :P

Now, all you have to do is embellish it with some washis, brads, etc. And its good to go.

Hope this will help. As I said before, there are lots of way to do this, lots. This one is somehow the easiest to me to understand. This mid age mummy brain is not as good as before. :)

Ok, happy crafting


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