Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Altered cardboard photo tutorial

Hi folks! Donna here sharing with you a photo tutorial of an altered cardboard I recently made incorporating some Washi tapes, which is our theme challenge for the month.

So here we go...

1. Cut 2 5x5 cardboard (got mine from a bed sheet filler - recycle baby, recycle!)

2. Paint white acrylic. You can paint just the edges but I like mine all over.

 3. Trace and cut pattern paper of your choice.

 4. I used deco scissors to trim off a bit of the edges.
 5. Cut and place a doily as seen in the image
 6. Spray some glimmer mist. Cut holes where you'll insert the ribbons/trims/twine later. I also secured the corners with some staple wires.
 7. Let the fun begin! Start to decorate your cardboards with anything you like. I started with some Washi tapes....
Tied some ribbons and twines....
 deco stickers... fun!
A colorful mat for my cardboard frames, with washi tapes in the middle...
adhere the finished cardboard frames as seen in the image...
the finished project...

Hope you liked it! Thanks for dropping by!

Don't forget you still have time to join this month's challenge!

List of materials used:
Dear Lizzy 5th and frolic stickers
AC Pebbles - Crimson glitter foam thickers
AC Knock outs starter kit
Pink Paislee Portfolio stickers
MME The sweetest thing Love paper
Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Rosie's rendering paper
Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist Tuscan Sun
Authentique Uncommon Diction
Washi tapes
White acrylic paint
Paper twine
Deco scissors
Corrugared cardboard

Saturday, 23 February 2013

February Challenge: Anything with Washi

As you know the PPS February Challenge is to make something from Washi Tapes. I have three Washi tapes in my stash - birds on a wire, Woodland Park and Midway. Look for these here

I decided that I too would see what I could do with my Washi... As it is February and my theme is 'Valentine' my first idea was a Valentine card especially as I had seen a sketch challenge that I wanted to have a go at...

In this card I used my new Hero Arts Stamp 'Newspaper Heart' and papers from my stash. The Washi is 'Midway' in a diagonal stripe behind the main image.  

My second idea was a wall hanging. 

In particular, in this project I used paper from the My Mind's Eye 'Bluebell' Paper Pad. Find this here.


Supplies Used
Washi Tapes

A summary of what you have to do: 
Make a Scrapbook Page, Card and/or a Project with Washi Tapes
Your work has to be new: made after this challenge went live
Share it in our album February Challenge: Anything with Washi in our FB Group
Projects that are not shared in the specified album will be disqualified
Follow us on Blogger and Like us on Facebook
You can participate in this challenge only once
Deadline: February 28, 2013
Prize: AED 25 Gift Voucher to the Store

Thursday, 21 February 2013

February Challenge: Anything with Washi

Hi all ....

February is my birthday month .... :)) ... and therefore it is my most favorite month!!!! ..... and of all the product that I love of scrapbook, washi tapes is also one of my favorite!! ... yay!

First lets see the definition of washi by Wikipedia
Washi (和紙?) is a style of paper that was first made in Japan. Washi is commonly made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub (Edgeworthia chrysantha), or the paper mulberry, but also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. Washi comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper, and the term is used to describe paper made by hand in the traditional manner.[1]

It is basically a paper. A thin one. And it is able to handle any technique that a paper could handle. If you love paper, you will certainly love washi. And I love washi so very much !!! Have I started to sounds like a psycho ??? .... hehehehe

I have more than 100 rolls of washi ;P .... but I won't let you know what is the exact total number .... could be 150, could be 200, could be 250 .... hehehehehe ..... I use washi everytime and almost everywhere .... for example, under my scrapbook/ laptop table. I had about 7 different electrical plugs for different gadget on my table (laptop,printer,cameo, etc etc), but I have only 3 wall plugs .... so everytime all these plugs have to be plugged and unplugged based on my requirements. And I always confused which plug is for which machine. Then I had simple solution, to attach different different washi tapes for each plug, and the same washi at the plug will also attached at the machine on the table. No more confusion afterward!!!!

I used washi tapes for wrapping a present, seal an envelope, to decorate a cupcake/ cake, even at my works, instead of masking tape that we normally used for drawings, I used washi!! ..... :)

But, the best used for washi that I've known, is for doing Project Life ... (somehow, for some reasons, I always feel over, totally super over excited when I heard Project Life being mentioned ... :P ). As I can used washi as border, as background, to adhere photo, and many others.

So lets see my PL spread below;

this is the left side

and this is the right side

washi all the way !!!!! take note that I did not use any patterned paper for this spread. All were being made by washi tapes!!!

So lets see the detail

I use washi tape as border .... awesome!!, and I added machine stitch on top of it. No problem whatsoever. My machine needle has run smoothly on top of that tape. I noticed, that some type (but not all) of washi tapes will leave a tiny bit of adhesive on your needle. It's not the very sticky one like other tapes or glue will leave though. It will be easily removed by hand, and your needle will be cleaned afterward.

and this one, I have embossed on top of the tape!!! .... no warp, or other, no problem at all!! ..... you just need to heat it slowly, it is not as sensitive as when you emboss on vellum or photo paper. You just have to be a little extra careful. But you will love the result, I promise!

And you can use the tape as background like I did on the black polkadot washi tape above. And you can punched it afterward. It is difficult to notice the tape right ? since all the pattern are connected. :)Lovely.

So, based on the above, it has been proofed that washi tapes can handle stitching, embossing, and punching ..... I have tried also to distressed it, color it, and write on top of it ...... but I have yet to try to use it as background and cut it using cameo. But I will definitely do it someday ... Go on, have some (or more) washi everyone!!!!


Supplies Used
Washi Tapes


A summary of what you have to do: 
Make a Scrapbook Page, Card and/or a Project with Washi Tapes
Your work has to be new: made after this challenge went live
Share it in our album February Challenge: Anything with Washi in our FB Group
Projects that are not shared in the specified album will be disqualified
Follow us on Blogger and Like us on Facebook
You can participate in this challenge only once
Deadline: February 28, 2013
Prize: AED 25 Gift Voucher to the Store

Celebrate Everyday

Hello everyone, Marina is here with the second post for Celebrate Life

Today I would like to share with you Title page of my Project Life 2013 and a couple of spreads I created so far. 

The Title Page is very simple, I loved the papers I used from 6x6 Splendid Collection by Authentique with a very warm country feel to it. Alpha stickers are Musa Thickers by Amy Tangerine.

January is a very busy month for me because of my son’s birthday.  I decided to create simple scrapbooking page to make it special (right side of the spread). I  used 6x6 Paper Pad “A boy’s Life” by EP, Borders and Alpha stickers from Tox Box Collection by Crate Paper, Wood Buttons by Dear Lizzy and Wood Veneer stars by Studio Calico (full list of supplies used in the end of the post). It took me 5 minutes to put it all together - all the papers and stickers are well coordinated.

As I mentioned in my first post I do not dedicate spreads strictly to 1 week time. I do it as things happen, so here is a good example - my spread holds memories of 2 days only.

Another spread contains my son's art work.

There is a picture of the quilt I made for my son's school auction on the left bottom corner. The initial picture was busy with lots of colors and things. I edited it using my favorite technique of desaturating the background and leaving the quilt in color to keep it in the focus on the busy background. And today I would share this technique with you.

Selective desaturation of background on busy photos technique. 

I used Photoshop Elements 9 to edit my photo (similar steps in Photoshop).

1. Open your picture in your program.
File > Open

2. Create second layer of your image using combination of Ctrl + J

3. Have Layer 1 selected. Go to Enhance > Convert to black and white (Alt+Ctrl+B).  Press OK. In Photoshop go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate ( Shift + Ctrl + U).

4. Choose Eraser Tool.

5. Right click on the image and choose 300 pcs soft brush.

6. Erase the area of the black and white image to reveal color of image beneath. You could reduce size of the brush if area is small or has intricate shape.

7. Save your image File > Save As   choosing JPEG option in the dialog box.

8. You are done..

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you, if you have any questions, please ask. I will be very happy to help,

till next time,

all the best,

Materials used:

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Product Spotlight - Martha Stewart Scoring Board

Hello dear crafters!!

This is Shruti here and am here to talk about one of my favorite craft tool, The Martha Stewart Scoring Board.

 Am not a biggie when it comes to making different types of folded cards but yes, it is very handy tool and makes your life so much easier even if it is to make a simple folded! Since the grooves of the score board is pretty deep it gives you the perfect score and thus a perfect fold. Its is a life saver when it comes to making an envelope or a boxed envelope because the Martha Stewart Scoring Board comes with an add on piece that helps you make envelopes.

I found this board really easy to use, it comes with basic measurements and instructions for making boxes, envelopes and scoring cards.

Here are some of the projects I made using the score board..

Shadow boxed Card

Paper Cubed Calender

In this card.. I used the score board to create a zig zag background.. which gives your project a pretty dimension. The title was cut using Silhouette Cameo. 

You may wonder where I used the scoreboard on this layout.. haha! You see those pretty little zig zag rosettes used in this layout?! Those are one of my favorite things to make using my MS score board! :)

Handy Tip: Since the grooves of the MS Score Board are pretty close to each other.. make sure you you go slow when you score so you don't jump the track.

I hope this review helps!!

- Shruti

Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday Tutorial - Triple Stamped Cards

Hello everyone - as promised yesterday, here are the instructions to make a card like these, using a triple stamping:-

But before we go any further take a look on my blog to see some more examples using this technique
 You will see that any suitable stamp can be used. I went for hearts here as my February theme is 'Valentine'.

Start by taking an envelope and folded card. I used a Hero Arts Punch card and matching envelope.
 Find them  here
Then take some cardstock/paper to contrast with the base card and some white card. The folded card has a front 5.5 by 4.25 inches. Cut the coloured/patterned paper into three rectangles 5.25 x 4 ins, 4.25 x 3 ins and 3.25 x 2 ins. The white card needs to be cut into 3 rectangles 5 x 3.75 ins, 4 x 2.75 ins and 3 x 1.75 ins.

Layer the three pieces of white card on top of each other. You may like to secure them in position with small pieces of 'glue dot'. Place on scrap paper as you are going to stamp over the edges!

Stamp randomly over the layered card. I used the heart from the Cute Stamp set (find it here)
 and JBS Cough Syrup Ink Pad (find it here)

Separate the three pieces of card and stick each one on to its corresponding contrasting rectangle
 (using white glue).

Stick the three pieces together making sure the images match.

 Next - decoration. I could have just added a bow but I decided to make three Tim Holtz style rosettes. I used some more of my contrasting paper in the Bigshot using the die as shown. You can also take a strip of paper and score it every quarter of inch using a scoring board (e.g.) to get the same effect.

Fold each strip backwards and forwards. Stick folds at each end together to make a circle.

Press down into a rosette and use a glue gun to secure.

Attach these to the card again using the glue gun. This is the gold version - I wanted this for a golden wedding anniversary card.

This is the cough syrup version. To finish I added different sized hearts to each rosette. These hearts  are finished with crackle paint - see my blog again for instructions...Calling all crafters! I have also stamped the envelope to match with the heart stamp and cough syrup.

I hope you found this tutorial easy to follow and that you have a go at triple stamping!

Happy Crafting!