Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Celebrate Everyday

Hello crafty ladies, it is Marina Velichko here with my very first post for Pretty Paper Studio.. And I am very excited to join creative and inspiring ladies here at PPS.

I have been scrapbooking since 2005 and switching from one form of scrapbooking to another, started with paper, moved to digital and then to hybrid.  I discovered Project Life 3 years ago with a help from Riri Mahadi and doing it ever since.  And totally love every moment of it. Thanks, Riri!!

What is Project Life?

So what is Project Life?  It is very simplified way of recording – scrapbooking your everyday life.  So easy, flexible and doable!  Becky Higgins is the mastermind of this revolutionary idea.. It is up to us to have it simple or elaborate – it can be as we want it to be. Personally, I tend to have simple, basic design pages and I love to splash some colour in it.  I concentrate on photography, trying to preserve the moment, to convey the spirit of our today’s life..  With a little bit of discipline (printing photos once a week) it goes a long way. I am on my 3rd year and me and my family are enjoying our PL albums.

One 12x12 album holds memories of 1 year period of time. One spread represents 1 week (one 6x4 title card, 7 photos, eight 3x4 journaling cards), so there are around 50 spreads in the album.  Photo pockets hold pictures, title and journaling cards. There are different designs (layouts) of photo pockets. I am using A design. 

For whom  is Project Life?

It is for everyone really, but I find the busy moms are those for whom initially this concept was designed. With lots of new things happening every day and with luck of time it is still possible to keep up with the project. 

Is it difficult to get started?

Not at all. Even if you have no creative skills – you can do it!! Anyone can – it is that easy.

Is it Ok to start not from the beginning of the year?

That’s totally fine. I started my 2011 PL album in March. And I am glad I did!!

Why it did work for me?

Finally I have the place where I record little stories, place for my son’s art-work, greeting cards, reports from school. If I feel extra creative I would design scrapbooking layout for special occasion and put it in there as well. Little bit of discipline to print photos in the end of each week goes a long way.  I am not following photo a day approach; I scrapbook as things are happening, I always carry at least one camera with me in my bag. Sometimes photos are blurry – first meeting of my son with his grandparents in the airport – I do not stress about it.  The most important thing is all the small but precious pieces of our life are preserved!!

So, once every two weeks I will be sharing with you my PL pages, some tips and tricks, things I’ve learned during all this time.. I hope, you  are as  excited as I am. I invite you to start a new journey, which you would love!!

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Thank you for this great and detailed Project Life post, Marina!

  2. Thanks Donna, I hope I would inspire someone to preserve the memories in such an easy yet creative way!!..

  3. Oh thats really sweet.... Marina!
    i just got inspired from your work but may not do a PL..but a smaller version of it.

  4. It is a good idea to start in the "small waters" to feel is it for you or not.. I really encourage to try!!.. Good luck!!

  5. This is a brilliant explanation of Project Life! Thank you!


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