Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday Tutorial - Triple Stamped Cards

Hello everyone - as promised yesterday, here are the instructions to make a card like these, using a triple stamping:-

But before we go any further take a look on my blog to see some more examples using this technique
 You will see that any suitable stamp can be used. I went for hearts here as my February theme is 'Valentine'.

Start by taking an envelope and folded card. I used a Hero Arts Punch card and matching envelope.
 Find them  here
Then take some cardstock/paper to contrast with the base card and some white card. The folded card has a front 5.5 by 4.25 inches. Cut the coloured/patterned paper into three rectangles 5.25 x 4 ins, 4.25 x 3 ins and 3.25 x 2 ins. The white card needs to be cut into 3 rectangles 5 x 3.75 ins, 4 x 2.75 ins and 3 x 1.75 ins.

Layer the three pieces of white card on top of each other. You may like to secure them in position with small pieces of 'glue dot'. Place on scrap paper as you are going to stamp over the edges!

Stamp randomly over the layered card. I used the heart from the Cute Stamp set (find it here)
 and JBS Cough Syrup Ink Pad (find it here)

Separate the three pieces of card and stick each one on to its corresponding contrasting rectangle
 (using white glue).

Stick the three pieces together making sure the images match.

 Next - decoration. I could have just added a bow but I decided to make three Tim Holtz style rosettes. I used some more of my contrasting paper in the Bigshot using the die as shown. You can also take a strip of paper and score it every quarter of inch using a scoring board (e.g.) to get the same effect.

Fold each strip backwards and forwards. Stick folds at each end together to make a circle.

Press down into a rosette and use a glue gun to secure.

Attach these to the card again using the glue gun. This is the gold version - I wanted this for a golden wedding anniversary card.

This is the cough syrup version. To finish I added different sized hearts to each rosette. These hearts  are finished with crackle paint - see my blog again for instructions...Calling all crafters! I have also stamped the envelope to match with the heart stamp and cough syrup.

I hope you found this tutorial easy to follow and that you have a go at triple stamping!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Awesome technique and tutorial.thanks for sharing.And a double thanks for sharing a pictorial tutorial.I prefer them to video tutorials.

  2. I loved the cards ! Thanks for sharing the technique .

  3. Loved the tutorial...thank you so much for sharing.

  4. beautiful cards, thanks for sharing!


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