Thursday, 14 March 2013

Celebrate everyday

Hello everyone, Marina is here with one more Project Life spread to share..  As you already know, our monthly challenge for March is this color palette.

I should admit, it was not very easy for me to change the way I used to put pages together. Normally I would start with photos and then depending on the dominant color I would choose title card (6x4) and journaling and filler cards. This time I had to do the opposite. First all the cards in place according to the palette and then photos. Plus, I have a boy and pink is not exactly the color I would find on my photos right now. It is lots of orange, yellow, black and green. But, I had to try and have a look what I came up with..

Orange and pink are clashing but overall is not that bad.. I loved using Dear Lizzy Letter Stickers.. So fast comparing to stamping.. Plus I could use them on dark areas of photos or distracting objects which I normally would have to blur or desaturate in the Photoshop. So, thumbs up to the letter stickers!!! And once again - mini paper pads are great for Project Life - all papers are color coordinated and it takes literally 5 minutes to put the page together..

Sometimes we do not have a photo from an event but only a video. In this case, I normally would extract still image from the video file and I would love to share this trick with you today..

How to capture a still image from a video.

First, let me mention that I work on PC and I use Windows 7 operating system. Earlier versions of Windows  do not have the snipping tool I will be using in this tutorial..

1. Press START button in the lower left of you screen and type in the search Snipping Tool.
2. Right click on it and choose the option Pin to the Task Bar.

3. Start playing the video of your choice. Make sure to expand the player as big as possible on the screen  using arrows at the corners of the player. (Point with your mouse at any corner of the player > you will see the arrows.). It is important  to keep the task bar area visible.
4. Pause on the image you wish to have as a picture.

5. Click on Snipping Tool at the task bar. (The Snipping Tool allows you to draw a rectangle around any part of your screen and take a screenshot of the area within the rectangle. After the window opens, your cursor changes into a crosshair).

6. Crop the image.

7.  Press Save Snip to save it  in the desired folder.
And you are done!!! I am sure there are other ways to do it too, but

I love snipping tool and use it all the time. You could use it to capture Facebook conversations and lots and lots of other things as well. I really hope my tutorial was useful to you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!!

Have a great day, bye-bye..

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  1. Thanks for sharing the 'snipping tool' - will be using that a lot now!!


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