Thursday, 25 April 2013

Celebrate Everyday: Project Life with Marina

Hello dear crafty ladies!! Marina is here with some more Project Life.. 

I hope everyone is in a great spring mood and enjoying last days of good weather and even some occasional rain. My son and me are every day outside on our playground spending our afternoons with friends, running, riding bikes and crafting..

Here are my 2 weeks spreads. The second week spread is actually dedicated to the blessing day of our marriage in Catholic Church Jebel Ali. Very simple, romantic and magical ceremony. 

So here is the first spread: on the right side there is a picture of bird's nest hanging on our balcony and there is a little finch looking out from that nest. There is a story about him. He fell off the nest 2 weeks ago when he just hatched from the egg.. I picked him up from the floor using 2 spoons (not to pass on him any human smell - for mum-bird to accept him back). And I could not believe when I've seen 13 eggs in that tiny nest. He's grown up since that time and now learning to fly..

The second spread. Our renewal vows day in the church. Simple and magical time.. .. I loved so much pictures with my friends that I decided to dedicate entire page to them. All papers here are from Fancy Pants ParkBench Collection Kit.

Here is the handmade flower I made for my dress..

So that's it for today. I hope you would find some inspiration here for documenting your day-to-day life..
Thanks for stopping by and have a crafty happy week everyone,

Bye-bye, Marina.


  1. Your posts just inspire me to start documenting my day to day life.. :) and I think I am going to very soon..


  2. Hi Shruti, I am glad to hear that.. It is very interesting for me to see when and how people reaching the point of documenting their life in such a format like PL. I was looking for quite some time for something like PL before it ever existed. And it was when life started speeding up for me with my son growing up when there was not much time for me to create beautiful traditional layouts, even speedy digital ones, but things worth recording were happening every single day. There was no way I could keep up with all of the information. Here in PL I decided that it will be simple design (to save the time) and more focus on pictures and stories and moments - ordinary everyday moments which with time will get more and more precious, like a good wine.. I am so happy with my PL. I am even thinking of going backwards from the moment I started (my son was about 2 years old). So I would really encouraging you to, at least, try. For one month, for one week. Make it as a mini-book. I am sure, you won't regret!! Good luck!! And it is only my choice to make it simple - you could make it as fancy as you like..


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