Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Product Spotlight: Distress Ink Pads - Part 2

Yes!! We are back to talk more about distress inks.. Today we plan to give you some ideas on how to store your distress inks pads. These inks are smartly packaged and they all come in the same shape and size.. so they can easily be stacked on to top of each other and stored.

Since I own almost 20 odd different distress inks.. it gets difficult to go through each ink pad when I sit to work on a project.. So to make my life simpler.. here is what I did..

Cut a white cardstock into 1x5 cm rectangular shapes.. 

Color them with each ink color. 

Then, stick these colored cardstocks on one of the sides of distress ink pads using a double sided sticky tape. You can repeat the same step if you want them on all four sides of the ink pads.

Now, I was not particular about having their names on them... but if you do.. then you can have it handwritten on them.. OR you can list out and print the names of each color on to a white cardstock and then repeat the steps as mentioned above.

This is how I store them.. in a plastic container along with all my other big ink pads.

How to store your Ranger Blender Foams?

I have seen a lot of crafters store their blender foams this way, so I thought I'd mention it here as it is really a clever idea. This will be useful for all those who keep a separate foam for each color.

You need a double sided tape for this idea..

Place the double sided tape on to the back of the ink pad and then stick their respective foams on it.

Now since these pads are made high-raised they can still be easily stacked on each other even with the foam below. Cool, eh?!

but I somehow prefer to keep all my blending foams in a small plastic container like this..
 and keep them along with my inks in the bigger container.

Simple! I hope you find this post useful..

Until next time..

- Shruti


  1. thanks for sharing these tips, shruti! and wow you got quite a collection of distress ink pad there! :)

  2. Wow, Shruti, great post!! I love organizing everything, thanks for sharing!..

  3. Love the way you have added the colour strips Shruti - what a great idea!

    I do keep my foam pads on the bottom of each distress ink pad - attached by velcro spots. But I also have extra ones in a container for other pads...both tips are excellent advice!!

  4. thank you for this post shruti.. now i need to work on mine too.. great post!


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