Monday, 15 April 2013

Susan's Monday Tutorial - using a mask and making a background!

Hello everyone! Susan here...
I hope you remember this card from last week -
I am going to show you some techniques to help you make something similar!!

First punch a 1.5 inch circle from a post-it note and place it in the middle of a piece of white card -
 this is Hero Arts Layering paper. I cut a piece that would fit the Hero Hues folded card I was going to use.

 For both cards I used stamps from the Howdy Doody Baby set

Take an appropriate stamp and affix it to an acrylic block. Stamp around the mask, sun-ray fashion.

Trim to an appropriate size (this is a 3.75 inch by 3.75 inch square) and then trim the corners. This can be done with a small circular punch or by drawing around a small coin with a pencil and cutting out
 (preferably on the back).

The image can then be matted on to a piece of layering or pretty paper as in the original card where I used Hero Arts Daffodil layering paper.

However... with a few items that you might find around the house....\
 that yellow layering paper can be changed into something more colourful!
Spray some shaving foam onto a washed 'meat tray'.

Add some drops of food colouring - here I used red and yellow. Mix it up a little with a spatula (or your fingers but I recommend that you wear disposable gloves!

Place a piece of layering paper onto the foam and press down so that will become covered.

 Lift it out and add another piece to to make a sandwich as this will make two backgrounds at once.

Separate the two pieces and scrape off the excess with your spatula.

Finally wipe and blot the pieces with kitchen roll and leave to dry - lovely backgrounds!

Trim one piece to be matted onto the folded card. Attach some twine to the lower edge of the folded card with double sided tape.(In the original card I added pleated ribbon to the background using double sided tape. The pleats were held in place with fancy pins and the ends of the ribbon tucked to the back.)

Stick the background onto the card base with white glue.

Add the image, again with white glue or with dimensionals to give it some height. 

Tie the twine and trim. Remove the post-it mask. You will see a perfect circle!

Finally add 'candy cane' Stickles and leave to dry...

Hope you like this card!

Happy Crafting!!

Materials used

Post-it note
shaving foam
food colouring
and in addition for the original card


  1. Wow...awesome card...Thanks for tute!!!

  2. This something very innovative...thanks a lot Susan for ur lovely, step by step well explained tute:)

  3. Wow, I have not seen this technique before!! Great! Thank you for sharing, Susan!..

  4. What a brilliant card, thank you for sharing how you did it

  5. Wow ! Fabulous technique to create backgrounds ! Loved the card too !Thanks for sharing !

  6. very beautiful card and thanx for explaining the technique!!

  7. Fabulous card and love the step by step. I haven't done this technique for a while but I do enjoy the results you can achieve.

    Linda xxx

  8. wow,nice background.thanks so much for inspiring,here is the card is made with the same technique,love to hear your comments.

    kavitha vadhri


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