Thursday, 16 May 2013

Celebrate Everyday: Project Life with Marina

Hello everyone, Marina is here today to share with you Project Life ideas and inspiration. This time I decided to do things more creative and set one evening aside for some creative exercise.. So I took all of my papers, tools and embellishments and created big bunch of journaling and filler cards.

How did I do that:
1. I went to my Project Life inspiration library (or Pinterest in other words) and sketched my favorite designs  of cards on paper.

2. I precut all my papers to 2 sizes: 6x4 in (for title cards - will be decorating them next week) and 4x3 in.
3. I set 6x4 cuts aside.
4. I started decorating 3x4 cuts according to my sketches. I divided cards by plain ones and ones with pattern. The plain ones needed only a bit of decoration, the patterned ones needed to be layered with lighter paper cuts on the top - for me to be able to write on them.
5. I used techniques for my decoration: stamping, using stickers, die-cutting, layering..
6. Some of the papers needed only to be cut. For example:

This one I loved for trendy stripes and grid paper.. I used half of the paper for creating cards with grid and other half I cut into strips.

These photograms I re-sized to 3x4 in by cutting strip from one side using my handy paper trimmer.

These ones I was sticking to patterned cards because they are slightly smaller than 3x4.
This is the sticker sheet I used for boyish cards.

So here you can see my cards together:

I needed some order in it so I divided them into groups. Yellow-blue cards:

 Red/ pink cards:
 Multicolored and black cards :

After sorting them out I realized that I have lots of yellow-blue, but I am short on green and orange ones. So I would need to work on this one.

And finally here you could see my Project Life spread for this week which includes my son's coloring and writing:
 Once a month I take a photo of my crafty table - for me to remember what project I was working on at the time. I love this tradition...

The other thing I wanted to share with you and I still can not believe it - that I won for the 3 time the lottery - this time it was the first prize at Privilege Plus (Mercato). I was very excited. So down on this page you could see the prizes - on the left - in vouchers on the right - in products.

 I love capturing my son's Lego creations!

So that's it for today, I hope you would get inspired by my posts and I wish you to have a great creative weekend..
Thanks for stopping by..
Xx Marina.

Note on blurring text and faces: I know it is very unpleasant and unfriendly to see blurred text and faces in my posts but unfortunately I have to do it for protection of my private life, my friends and others who appeared on my pics. Please understand and bear with me.. Thank you.

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