Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Product Spotlight : Masks and Stencils

Good Morning, pretty people..  

This is Louella again, and I am here to share with you stencils and masks can add wonder in your projects. Stencils and masks create beautiful textures and interesting background on a project. There’s a massive range of designs, shapes and styles and a whole load of mediums to use with them, from texture paste to inks, mists and paints.


How To Stencil!

So, you want to know how to stencil? That's a question that could lead you into an addicting hobby that will bring you hours of joy and pride in the art that will flow from your hands. Great! Let's get started.

I have been playing with different inks and paints for a while now, and I learned that a good project always start with a good base. If you want to make sure that your mediums will blend nicely on your surface then prime your surface to get it ready for all the materials you will load it up with as you build your project. For this piece, I used a canvas. I layered the gesso using a palette knife making sure to get a good coverage but not exactly aiming for a smooth finish. I like to leave scrape marks here and there for texture.

As soon as the gesso has fully dried, I then applied several coats of Tattered Angels glimmer mists. I sprayed the mists close to the canvas to get a nice saturation of color on specific areas. Allow each color to dry before adding more. This way, you will see how the different layers of colors look together and you will avoid getting a muddy color which sometimes happens when two or more colors of ink blend in. Then I applied acrylic paint with gesso to form the sky. 

Never used stencils or masks before? You can do this! It's fun and easy! And you don’t have to be a da Vinci to paint using stencils. Just follow these steps and then line up a project. I guarantee when you sit back and admire your work, you will be hooked!

Next comes the texture. Simply mix three types of mediums to get a varied texture throughout the surface of the canvas. I used a palette knife and the The Crafter's Workshop Template 6"x 6" Butterfly Meadow to apply the mediums. Let the mediums dry completely before moving on to the next step.
I used the stencil by sponging acrylic paints on my canvas..

 Then sprayed some mist on top of the stencils for outlining effect.

The Truth About All of This:
Don't be afraid if you are just starting on using stencil. Your style will develop and evolve as you go along and you will find the techniques that suit you. My advice is to try a little of everything and before you know it you'll find your niche! Well, that’s about all for now on stencils and masks. I hope you have a good idea about the tools available to make your mixed media projects a grand success.
Thank you so much for visiting and come back often.

Happy Stenciling,

Supplies Used:
Crate Paper On Trend 12x12 Collection Pack
Inkssential non-stick-craft sheet15x18


  1. wow Louallea this is amazing!!!!:) stenciles and gesso is next in my wishlist!!!

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