Monday, 10 June 2013

Tutorial Monday: Ink Splats effect

Hi pretty ladies, it's me again. I will share with you my splatter effect technique're really going to love it!

 I love using paints to add to my pages. It's like I get to be a kid all over again. They add just the right touches to my backgrounds. I sometimes use colors to recede (Neutrals) and sometimes colors to pop (brights & compliments).

My painting supplies include all kinds of inks, paints, mist, round brushes, square brushes, an old toothbrush and whatever else I can get my hands on. Each brush shape and size creates a different pattern. You will also need Newspaper or other paper to cover your work area. These splatters can travel far so when in doubt, cover it up! 

Here are the different steps for your splatter!

First, the more water effect..I almost always add water to my paints when splattering, more to the tube acrylics and less to the liquid acrylics. You want the paint to be fluid enough to move, almost milky in texture. By adding a lot more water, you can make a watercolor-like splatter.


I do recommend you play around with the smaller pieces of cardstock.

This square brush tip has uneven bristles. You can make this by trimming a cheap square brush. Flick the paint with your finger tip. It creates these little bubbles, both small and large, on the cardstock.

Then, the toothbrush splats...So much fun, but messy! Dip your toothbrush into the paint and again with your finger, flick the paint onto the page. You will create this fine mists of paints. You can change the direction of the toothbrush to change the direction of the mists.

 This is an extra large square paint brush. It absorbs a lot of paint, so when I finger flick it, it creates this beautiful stream of paint. So very cool.

Isn't it cool yeah? For just less than 30 minutes.. you can make a splatter effect on your background.

Watch out for the layout I made on my next post for this technique in related to this Month's challenge.

I think we're now ready to doing some painting ourselves :) 


with Love,

Materials Used:

Old Used Toothbrush
Acrylic paints

A summary of what you have to do: 
Make a Scrapbook Page or a Card or an Altered Project "in less than 30 minutes"
Your work has to be new: made after this challenge went live
Be a member of our Facebook Group and share your project in our album June Challenge: In Less Than 30 Minutes
Projects that are not shared in the specified album will be disqualified
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Deadline: June 30, 2013
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  1. wow lovely idea,thanks for your inspirations always

  2. splattering paint is always a cool technique. i love it! TFS


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